Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

Darf ich vorstellen: Meine neue Freundin:

... die heute unangemeldet in meinem Postfach auftauchte: Und nein, auch wenn man sich bedankt, ich schrieb vorher eher nichts...


I'm glad you emailed me back and I'm happy to hear from you. I kindly apologies for my late reply because i have been occupied with too much work for the church. About me .I like sexy men, good men and honest men too and if you are one, I would love to make a travel to you because i want to know you better. Can you visit me here in Africa?
 My name is Miss Aliyah Jama 24 yrs  born 24 April. 1985, am still a single lady, sexy and never married,and i am an Orphan. I need a serious relationship as good friends and a partner and a future husband if we both find ourselves together and agree to live as one family. ! but i will like to know you better first, and i will be happy if we can meet on the web cam, you can add me on my CHAT ID, and tell me the exact time i will meet you on the chatting room please because i want us to see face to face and i will like to know if you can visit Africa for my inheritance purpose which is my reason and aim of contacting you.
I will like to know about you:
1. your age?
2. which state and city do u live in?
3. what you do?
4. what you want in a relationship?
5. Do you have a wife or a girl friend now?
6. Do you live Alone and do you like my photo?
7. Do you like sex and to party?
I want you a Little about myself, I'm a light tan in complexion, African Queen i guess as my friends calls me.  I am from Liberia in  Africa but presently ,I am living under the care of a church here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country some years back....I love sex, love cooking, love to dancing, loves swimming and going shopping too with my man.
About my family, My both parents Dr and Mrs. Waheed Jama are dead. My father  Dr.Waheed Jama was one of the former directors of DFI(Diamond Fields International ltd) in Liberia my Country.  Well my late father is dead and he was killed by his enemies because of his position in the society which i strongly believe that his death was caused by his business associates/partners and his brother who is my uncle because of his wealth and position in the society.
 And about my mother too, she died when i was 16 years old by a lungs cancer. I am the only daughter to my parents and i was really loved by them.
I have secured some vital information's of my late father's  which he made me the sole beneficiary to his fortunes and wealth's with me which i will like to share with you if you can assist me to relocate to your country as I am really suffering here and i need a life partner too i hope and be with and invest my inheritance with.
I have been so afraid to disclose this matter until I am sure of the reliable person to help me out from here and also get my inheritance from here if he can be able to handle it correctly and also help me to invest it wisely. I will explain to you better for you to understand what i am talking about after your response .
I would like to know more about you because i want us to have a better relationship in future and invest my money into a good business in your country.. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail and give you my direct telephone number where you can reach me and i will also send you my photo too now. Hoping to hear from you and remember to send me your photo and number too.
Yours Sincerely,
Kisses from!!!!!!

Ähm...ich mag zwar Sex und Partys und wäre per se auch zu haben...aber...nee...falls jemand Interesse hat ich geb ihre Adresse gern weiter.

Ach ja: Ihre Fotos!


Gerhard Koepke hat gesagt…

Wenigstens kann sie gutes Englisch. Kann man ja nicht von allen Phishing-Mails behaupten.

Barleyblair hat gesagt…

Du meinst diese Fistingattacken? ;-)

Kunstfehler hat gesagt…

Hm, sehr niedlich :-) Aber auf welchen Seiten muss man(n)/frau rumsurfen, um solch aufbauenden Emails zu erhalten? :-)

Gerhard Koepke hat gesagt…

Das hätte sie wohl gern... :D

Zeigefinger hat gesagt…

Barley, wenn das vor fünf Jahren gewesen und in Deiner Heimatstadt passiert wäre, dann würdest Du mal wieder mit einem derart breiten Grinsen durch die Gegend laufen, daß unser gefiederter Freund und ich ganz zuletzt höchstens "karminrot" vor ner Flasche Möbelpolitur gesessen hätten. Hätt-hätt-hätt.